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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reading Recommendations

Why wait for the new edition of The Revolution of Everyday Life? In fairness to the bizarre recommendation matrix Borders must use, one of those books is on my desk at this moment. I'm not very confident that I will "like" it.


Ethan said...

Ahahahahaha, wow.

Didn't know there was a new edition coming out. New translation? I wonder if it'll have as many typos as my copy. If not, it's not as authentically anarchist.

To rudely reply to a comment you left at my place here, Lot 49 was a lot of fun. I don't have much to say about it. Might have more to say once I get to Gravity's Rainbow, which should be soon.

¯\(°_0)/¯ said...

The blurb there says this new edition has a new preface by Vaneigem, so that may be interesting.

If you liked CoL49, you will probably like the rest of Pynchon's books. They are pretty similar in terms of style and themes, just longer.