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Friday, April 13, 2018

Caristico, LA Park vs. Fenix, Penta 0 M 3/21/2018

This match is great but what else could it be when you get 4 of the best wrestlers in the world and have them just beat the hell out of each other for 15 minutes? The Lucha Brothers really work great when they are put up against a popular team as it allows them to lay in stiff shots and take their time milking the beatings. Fenix has the flashy offense and the huge bumps to compliment the more deliberate sadism of Penta. Caristico is still one of the best at taking these beatings and timing his comebacks perfectly to get the crowd involved.

In an odd bit of synchronicity, I was thinking about how Penta has been losing mystique as a singles wrestler over the last year or two but still ends up really high on my (and other's) year end list, and then today's WDKW dropped with Dylan talking about the same thing. The problem with so many Penta singles matches is that his offense is not particularly flashy or impressive, and so when he gets his comeback spots they are somewhat disappointing. Not only that, it's not particularly fast-paced and does not flow together. Thinking about his best singles matches, his offense works there because it really is a rudo-style offense that works best when cutting off a tecnico or perhaps methodically picking them apart. The flow and pacing of tag matches is different and it allows for Fenix's much flashier offense to get those comeback spots, with Penta filling in the gaps. It's even better when the opposing team is over with the crowd, as it is here or as it was in the match vs. The Besties from last year, as that is when Penta can use his same offense to beat down a babyface until the crowd is dying for their comeback.

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