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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Flamingo Bowl Spring 2023 League Week 5 - 4/25/23


One of the difficulties in large-scale quantum communications is that all the particles have to be the same frequency. Scientists around the world are working on projects to stabilize these particles so they remain on the same frequency. Quantum Diamonds - diamonds that maintain the same carbon chain throughout space and time - are one solution to this problem. Once this stabilization accomplished, near-instant communication across vast areas will be possible. Everything can be on the same page. A universal understanding.

What if the diamond's were not crucial to this transmission of information, though? They may present an avenue for stable particles, but they do not have to be the only path. Occultists use chants and mantras to "vibrate," which is the same idea as getting all associated particles to operate on the same wavelength. Religious songs and chants are based on the same idea. A woman was outside the bowling alley, saying some sort of ritual or prayer, when suddenly a cyclone of confetti sprung up and tried to entrap me. Her ability to operate at the same vibrations as the air (and perhaps other unseen items) made the air behave according to her thoughts. These diamonds are not necessary, then.

If these quantum diamonds can transmit information instantly, they are also receiving information instantly, and who makes this distinction? Is there even a distinction? In the Diamond Sutra, Sakyamuni Buddha explains that there is not actually an escape from the transience of life, as the transience of life is an illusion. How can I be cursed when "I" don't exist? When a diamond can transmit information to all points instantly, then there is no transmission because all points instantly know and already knew. The end to suffering is to break down these distinctions between "I" and "that." There is no diamond, and no information to transmit.

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